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Why Enzymes?

The ultimate goal of digestion is getting nutrients to the cells. Nutrients feed the cells, which leads to optimal metabolism, energy, and immunity. Supplementing with digestive enzymes is a vital part of this nutrient acquisition process, and Transformation’s Healthy Gut Program is the perfect introduction to digestive enzymes, proteolytic enzymes, and probiotics!*

  • Digestive enzymes support immune system health by encouraging more complete digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats for increased absorption and availability of nutrients.*
  • Proteolytic enzymes promote systemic balance for natural support of the cardiovascular system for supporting muscular health, immune system health, urinary health, and healthy elimination.*
  • Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that play a vital role in detoxifying the body, helping to balance the pH and maintain a healthy intestinal environment.*

About the Speaker

Amy Rawls, MS, RD, LD, FMNS, CGN, has practiced in the Beaumont and Houston area since 2010 when she completed her Master’s degree with a Dietetic residency through Lamar University. She has gone on to earn additional certifications as a Functional Medical Nutritionist and Certified Gastrointestinal Nutritionist. Amy has more than ten years of experience applying functional nutrition practices to an array of metabolic clinical states. She is currently Director of Clinical Services for Transformation Enzyme Corporation where she gained her certification in enzyme therapy and is responsible for all of Transformation’s Education and Development material and programs. She also oversees Transformation’s Clinic and technical support services and assists with research and development. Amy has spoken at various events, seminars, and conferences both locally and internationally on topics related to nutrition and enzyme application. Her passion for health focuses on holistic, integrative, and functional medical nutrition therapy. She has a personal mission to create awareness that even healthy food can be poison if not digested properly.