Practitioners and other health professionals who use a keto approach with some clients often report challenges including patient compliance or difficulty tolerating the diet shift. This is where we have found enzymes to be key in improving clinical outcomes.

For example, patients or clients who lack appropriate amounts of bile or have had gallbladder removal may be more prone to digestive distress when placed on a higher fat and protein diet. These are just a few examples of individuals who see drastic improvement in how they feel when the appropriate digestive and systemic support is provided.

You may have heard the expression “you are what you eat.” The truth is, you are not what you eat — you are what you digest, assimilate, and fail to eliminate. One of the reasons clinicians use keto in practice is to reduce inflammation. However, if proper digestion doesn’t take place, we are actually creating more toxicity and inflammation which is going to create more disease.

Nutrition is also a key therapeutic in treating mental health disorders….

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