Observable Behaviors

Observable behaviors can be measured by how others see us and/or by the results of our performance. We all have blind spots, and sometimes it is hard to see ourselves the way others see us. How we show up every day creates our reputation among our clients and peers.

During our meeting with Generational Group we came up with these words that further describe our culture: Relationships, Reputation, Honesty, Reliability, Dependability, Profitability, Professionalism, Trust, Loyalty, Quality, Interdependence, Accountability, and Productivity.

There are many more, but do we demonstrate our Points of Culture? This created the need for a survey to document the behaviors that others can see which would validate that we do indeed follow our Points of Culture.

This is an anonymous survey. Please rate your fellow teammate from 0 (never) – 10 (always 100% of the time) on the following actionable/observable statements.