Has It Been a While?

Constipation is something we don’t usually like to talk about. Being in the nutrition business we often ask someone how many times they pooped a day. Many are taken aback by this question. Some will laugh nervously, others might give a look of “that’s none of your

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Tips for Managing Stress

Did you know 80% of your neurotransmitters or “feel good” chemicals are produced in your gut? This is just one of the many ways the gut and brain exhibit a very strong relationship, and why supporting a healthy gut environment is key to helping manage stress. Here

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Stress and Digestion

by Dr. DicQie Fuller The word “stress” is such a broad term and often I hear it used to describe a feeling. Stress is actually a reaction to a stimulus or threat that may be real or perceived. This reaction disturbs our balance. Stress can be emotionalRead more