Transformation Enzyme Corporation was founded by DicQie Fuller, Ph.D., Dr.Sc., ND, CNC, in 1991 and remains clinically owned and operated to this day. As a leader in mycelial enzyme research, Transformation™ uses every available resource to stay on the leading edge of clinical nutritional science. With 30 years of education and research and an advisory board of clinicians, researchers, educators, and industry leaders guiding us, we are considered the pioneers of enzyme nutrition.

As a nutritional supplement company, we specialize in the development of high-quality digestive and systemic enzymes, probiotics, and various enzyme-delivered nutritional support products.* Transformation™ formulates and distributes these enzyme-based dietary supplements to health professionals, clinics, and pharmacies worldwide.

Because of genetics, diet, lifestyle, processed foods, and a toxic environment, we are all at risk for compromised digestion. Our belief is simple—give the body the nutrients it needs, clear away the waste, and allow your body to manage its resources.

We are in the business of transforming the lives of all people by guiding them to achieve profound wellbeing and longevity utilizing enzyme nutrition as the catalyst. As our founder Dr. Fuller said, “Good health is not an unobtainable privilege meant to be savored only by the fortunate. Rather, it is a right that should be enjoyed by anyone who is willing to take the time to learn how to care for his or her own body.”