Good health is not an unobtainable privilege meant to be savored only by the fortunate. Rather, it is a right that should be enjoyed by anyone willing to learn how to care for his or her own body.”

– Dr. DicQie Fuller, Founder of TEC

We strive every day to stay on the path of truth, health, and wellbeing. But without a clear destination we can lose focus. For more than 20 years Dr. DicQie Fuller was my compass, so to ensure we continue on the path of achieving our goals, our Points of Culture and avatar were created. And like a lamp at our feet they will guide us, keeping our path straight.”

– Suzanne Espinoza, President & CEO

Points of Culture

Integrity is the cornerstone of all that we do. We will follow through on the promises we make whether it is in product purity, clinical practices, research and development, or business and interpersonal relationships.

Passion is our purpose. It energizes our intentions for positive changes in our personal lives, work, and community. We will celebrate our diversity knowing that our differences will generate our collective energy. I choose to inspire others with my passion for health and wellness, and I am strengthened and encouraged by surrounding myself with others who share in my passion. We will be bold in setting our goals and living into our vision and mission.

Excellence is the pursuit of greatness that requires the courage to evaluate and change. We will always deliver service, advice, and products of exceptional quality.

Innovation drives the growth of our company. It is woven into our mission of transforming the health and wellness industry and inspires us as individuals to grow professionally and personally. We believe we have an innate ability to create, develop, and implement ideas that make a difference.

Commitment is being dedicated to our vision. Commitment is understanding that what we do is bigger than us and requires our absolute best every day. We believe Enzyme Therapy is the genesis of health and wellness. Therefore, it is our responsibility to tell as many people as possible.

Wellbeing is the pursuit of balance with mind, body, soul, and spirit. I will respect my body, mind, soul, and spirit and remember that my wellbeing comes from not just physical health, but from mental and spiritual health, and I cannot achieve any if one is lacking.

Harmony is maintaining balance and peace in all our relationships. We will celebrate each other’s strengths and God-given talents.