We know you have a choice in where you purchase your supplements.  We are honored you have chosen Transformation™ and we will work hard to earn your respect and trust.  We look forward to building a partnership that provides you with nutritional solutions and products you can consistently rely on.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

1. Our commitment is personalWe are Practitioner centric. We are founded, owned, operated, and supported by clinicians. This means we are mindful of all aspects of the practitioner’s challenges. Our innovations are real-time clinical solutions, not theory. Each practitioner is assigned to a practice advisor who can provide the necessary resources for successful patient outcomes.

2. Our history. pioneer in enzyme therapy.* Our passion is our legacy. We believe 95% of all disease begins in the gut and that the healing power of enzymes can transform the lives of all people.* In business for more than a quarter of a century, we are one of the oldest privately held enzyme therapy companies. Our journey of excellence and dedication continues today through our education, clinical research, and enzyme-based product development.

3. Real Solution Education. Continuing education for health professionals is essential to the health of all people. With accelerating advances in health information and technology, practitioners must discern best-practice solutions. Our clinical foundation and research together with an amazing advisory team has led us to create an education platform that allows for a practical, straightforward plan for the implementation of enzyme therapy. We will not simply tell you about the clinical successes we have had, we will teach you how you can also have clinical successes using enzyme therapy in your practice. In turn you will be able to TEACH your patients the primary essential of well-being and not just TREAT their symptoms.

4. Response time and accessible support. We get it – you need information and guidance when you need it! Every team member at Transformation™ understands your sense of urgency when it comes to helping your patients achieve health and running a business. When you call you will get a real person who can connect you to the resources you need. Whether that is clinical support, research, customer service, or upper management, we are here to listen and help you.

5. Pure Products – designed specifically for therapeutic value.* This means there are no harmful chemicals or unnecessary ingredients. Product development is intentional – we are not a ‘me too’ product company chasing all the latest trends. We innovate when there is a clinical need not yet met. All new products are tested in a clinical setting using real patients, not just in a lab. Products are designed to work alone or as part of an enzyme nutritional program.* Our products and protocols are clinically proven to achieve the patient outcomes you desire.* We promise to be transparent and authentic. We believe you should feel confident in your recommendation, whether for your patients or family members.

6. We want you to be 100% satisfiedOur guarantee of satisfaction is unconditional. We are confident our products, programs and education will meet your needs. If you find a Transformation™ product purchased does not perform to your expectations, you can return your order for a refund within 30 days of receipt.