Vision Statement

Transforming the lives of all people by guiding them to achieve profound well-being and longevity utilizing enzyme nutrition as the catalyst.

Mission Statement

Transformation Enzyme Corporation uses every available resource to stay on the leading edge of clinical nutritional science. As a nutritional supplement company, we specialize in the development of high quality digestive enzyme and probiotic products.

Transformation™ Points of Culture

1. Integrity pervades all we do – our product research and development, clinical practice, business, and interpersonal relationships.

  • I will always speak the truth.
  • I will do what I said I would do, when I said I would do it, in the way I said I would do it.
  • I will do the right thing at all times and in all circumstances.

2. Excellence is more than being unusually good; it is the pursuit of greatness that requires the courage to evaluate and change.

  • Continuous pursuit of being all I can be. I will look for ways to stay on a path of constant and never-ending improvement.
  • I will always deliver service, advice, and products of exceptional quality that add value to all involved for the long term.
  • I will have the courage and persistence to be on a Transformational Journey of ever-increasing flexibility and versatility so that I become more adaptable.

3. Innovation increases our contributions to the health and wellness industry, helps us as individuals to grow professionally and personally, and drives the growth of our company.

  • I will nurture the spirit of innovation, understanding we have the innate ability to create, develop, and implement ideas that make a difference.
  • I will challenge myself to push through diversity as a gateway to innovation.
  • I will look for ways to do more with less, seeking solutions from my higher power.

4. Mutual Success is the underlying goal of all our relationships – with team members, clients, sales associates, venture partners, suppliers, and others involved in our business.

  • I will focus my attention on the successful outcome of whatever we are doing.
  • I will have a willingness to win and allow others to
  • I will display pride, prosperity, competence, and personal confidence in everything I do and say.

5. Wisdom – Your purpose is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. We have a responsibility to others to pass on the lessons we have learned.

  • I will always be willing to learn from my mistakes.
  • I will always be striving to learn, grow, and master so I can help my fellow team members and clients learn, grow, and master as well.
  • I will act as an educator to allow and help our clients to understand why we are recommending services, products, and strategies and how it will benefit and protect them in the long term.
  • I will impart practical, useable knowledge rather than just theory.
  • I will embrace the fact that knowledge’s true value is experienced when it is applied in a way that benefits others.

6. Communication is the cornerstone of our relationships. Its effectiveness determines our success and our future.

  • I will speak openly, honestly, and respectfully with and about my team members, our clients, and Transformation™ in both public and private.
  • I will speak with good purpose, using empowering and positive conversation.
  • I will not use or listen to profanity, sarcasm, or gossip.
  • I will acknowledge what is being said as true for the speaker at that moment and practice a non-judgmental status.
  • I will take responsibility for my communication based on the response I get.
  • I will always apologize for any upsets first, then look for a solution.
  • I will only ever discuss concerns in private with the person involved.
  • I will come to a meeting or discussion with solutions rather than problems.
  • I will honor my fellowman.

7. Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.

  • I am committed to the Vision, Mission, Culture, Goals, Rules, and Success of Transformation™, its clients, and its current and future team.
  • I will always recommend products, services, and advice that are in the best interests of our clients and will be of benefit to them.
  • I will do my part to maintain the culture of Transformation™ by taking ownership of my outcomes. I will accept that I am responsible for my actions and outcomes and will own what takes place in my work and in my life.

8. Consistency creates legacies.

  • I will be consistent in my actions so that my team members and our clients can feel comfortable in dealing with me at all times. This will establish a reputation of dependability.
  • I am disciplined in my work, so my results, growth, and success are consistent.
  • I will be intentional about measuring and improving our processes to increase our potential. Growth creates opportunities for reinvestment in people, products, systems, and community.
  • I will be accountable for my deliverables and goals.
  • The systems we use today create the foundation of our future. I will look to the system for solutions and use the system until a new one is introduced. I will suggest system improvements at my first opportunity.
  • Consistency builds momentum, and momentum builds teams and businesses that make an impact.

9. Interdependency – We embrace the greater power of mutual dependence. When two or more rely on one another, their success will be greater than when working alone.

  • I will ask for help when I need it and be compassionate to others who ask me.
  • I will focus on cooperation and always come to a resolution, not a compromise.
  • I will do whatever it takes to stay together and achieve team goals.
  • I will be flexible in my work, able to change if what we are doing is not working.
  • I will contribute at my fullest potential to Transformation™ through individual initiative aligned with the Team’s plans and goals.

10. Uniqueness is to be celebrated.

  • I will celebrate and develop my God-given individual talents.
  • I acknowledge and honor the diversity of my team members, clients, and strategic partners, knowing this creates strength.
  • I will strive to ensure the extraordinary uniqueness of Transformation™ is understood and experienced by clients and strategic partners.

11. Passion drives our purpose.

  • I am a part of a dynamic team of passionate individuals dedicated to making a difference for our families, clients, communities, and world.
  • I will seek unique ways to educate and empower everyone I meet. My success is born in the creativity I create to solve problems that confront me.
  • I will invest compassionately in other people’s ability to achieve greater accomplishments by assisting them to grow and learn.

12. Balance is prioritizing what is important in life.

  • I will have a balanced approach to life, remembering that my spiritual, social, physical, emotional, and family aspects are just as important as my financial and intellectual.

13. Gratitude is an attitude.

  • Thankfulness is a way of life for me. I will show appreciation and gratitude daily.
  • I understand that I will receive more of what I express gratitude for.
  • I will be grateful for the abundance at Transformation™ and in my life and will strive to create more of it.

14. Trust is the foundation of all relationships.

  • I will be authentic and genuine in my thoughts, words, and actions.
  • I will honor my commitments and have faith that others will honor theirs.
  • I will demonstrate respect for others through being dependable in all I say and do.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.