Product Spotlight: Muscular Health*

The muscular system is an intricate network of elongated fibrous cells that form three types of muscle groups – skeletal, smooth, and cardiac. Our muscles are responsible for producing movement, maintaining posture, and generating heat, which is a result of constant contraction and relaxation of muscles stimulated by nerve impulses. Skeletal muscles allow us to walk and talk, smooth muscles maintain movement of our internal organs and glands, and cardiac muscle keeps the heart beating. The health of this system's structure and function is vital to the health of the body as a whole.

Transformation's enzyme and nutrition formulas are designed to promote optimal growth, repair, and performance of the muscular system.*

  • Protease IFC is a unique proprietary formulation of active proteolytic enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and herbs designed to promote cardiovascular health, prevent free radical damage, and support the body’s response to inflammation.*
  • RepairZyme is an enzyme supplement with rebuilding herbs, minerals, and antioxidants from well tolerated nutrient-dense food sources designed to provide nutrient support to help maintain healthy muscles, bones, tendons, tissues, and skin.*

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