We all know what it feels like to be stressed. For some of us we may feel anxious or tense. Our muscles may become stiff, maybe even sore. Sometimes our stomach gets in knots and we feel sick. And for others, our tempers may flare. Stress is an everyday thing – running late, bad drivers, car issues, etc. Some things are within our control and others simply are not. It is how we handle the stress that is important.

1. Listen to White Noise – Peace & Quiet isn’t a common thing these days. When you’re feeling stressed, close yourself off from all outside distractions and noise for a few minutes. This will help your mind focus and bring down your stress level.

2. Have a Giggle – You’ve heard laughter is the best medicine, and that seems to hold true with relieving anxiety too!

3. Go Somewhere COMPLETELY New – Stress can come on just by being in a stressful place. By going somewhere completely new you can choose to make that a positive, stress free place for you.

4. Everybody Clean Up – A cluttered, dirty environment is usually hard to work in and can cause stress/anxiety. Take ten minutes to put some things away and de-clutter you space.

5. Lather Up – It’s no secret that a hot bath or shower helps relax the body, but it also helps put the mind at ease. You have to bathe anyways, might as well relax while you do.

6. Write It Out – Thoughts can get stuck in your head and cause you to obsess, overthink, and become stressed. Try writing or typing your thoughts out. Getting them out and on paper can help put things in perspective and stop overthinking.

7. Hobbies Help – Not everything in life will make you happy, but you should have plenty of things that do! Find a hobby that you really enjoy like dance, painting, or playing an instrument. As long as it’s a positive influence and puts a smile on your face, you can’t go wrong!

8. Perspective is Key – When something is stressing you out, stop and think about how big or small that something really is. Are you stressed because you have a final tomorrow or because you didn’t wear matching socks today?

9. Preparation is ALSO Key – Procrastination (no matter how tempting) almost always results in stress. You can cut out stressing over being prepared by being prepared every time!

10. Live in the Now – You can’t always disregard the past and future, but sometimes you need to stop thinking about what could, will, did, should happen and focus on what is happening.

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