Has It Been a While?

Constipation is something we don’t usually like to talk about. Being in the nutrition business we often ask someone how many times they pooped a day. Many are taken aback by this question. Some will laugh nervously, others might give a look of “that’s none of your

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Keep the Fire on the Grill

Whether it happens once a week or at every meal, heartburn can take its toll. You have many relief solutions to choose from, but are you choosing the best? The price of finding relief from occasional heartburn should not be ingesting toxic additives or facing unpleasant side

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Tips for Managing Stress

Did you know 80% of your neurotransmitters or “feel good” chemicals are produced in your gut? This is just one of the many ways the gut and brain exhibit a very strong relationship, and why supporting a healthy gut environment is key to helping manage stress. Here

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Stress and Digestion

by Dr. DicQie Fuller The word “stress” is such a broad term and often I hear it used to describe a feeling. Stress is actually a reaction to a stimulus or threat that may be real or perceived. This reaction disturbs our balance. Stress can be emotionalRead more

Do You Want to Thrive in 63 Days?

You might not be aware of how the foods you eat and digestion may be affecting your quality of life! Digestion, Nutrients, Energy, Health – this ripple effect is an easy way to visualize the way your body handles the food you eat. When you eat, theRead more